"Wouldn’t have got here without you encouragement and training!"

Well done Guy on your outstanding achievement on June 12th.

You have come such a long way since you started training with me & I am so proud of you – Your hard work & dedication has truly paid off.

I can’t wait to seeing you achieve your next milestone.

Dartford White Oak Triathlon
You completed in 1 hr:17 mins
Came in 13th & category position 3.
Swim 300m - 9min 18s
Bike 20k - 40 mins 35s
Run 5k – 29 mins 26s
Total time inc. transitions 1 hr 17 mins 02 secs

You smashed it! x
testi-1 – Copy
Well done Hanna for adapting to the CoVid19 crisis so quickly and switching to online sessions. At first we were sceptical about it & thought it could be full of technical glitches and difficult without the gym equipment. How wrong we were! The Zoom invites are so easy to use and we can even do our sessions in the garden, which is great. It’s definitely something we would continue to use for times when you are home late from work or even when on holiday to keep up our fitness routine. We feel it’s something clients will ask to continue  post lockdown because it’s just so convenient.
Ian & Becky
I have been training with Hanna for just over a year now. I started about 8 months after having my second child and was determined to get fit and lose weight. I am so pleased to have found Hanna. She gently but firmly pushes me a lot further than I would ever go by myself. I am fitter and stronger than I’ve ever been and almost at my target weight. I’ve continued seeing Hanna virtually throughout COVID 19 restrictions and it’s been great to keep my fitness up and also good for my mental health.
I have been training with Hanna for just over year now and have regular weekly sessions. Training with Hanna has become part of my weekly routine and I feel many things have changed for me. My body shape has changed with weight lost and muscle gain, also my mental and general wellbeing has improved. I function better with exercise and I make sure I trainas much as I can. Working with Hanna ensures that I am training in the correct way and not just running or cycling lots of miles with the feeling that I am getting nowhere. Hanna is very knowledgeable in fitness and dietary advice. Her enthusiasm for you to achieve your desired goals never wavers and she helps you get to where you want to be. We all struggle with keeping up a healthy routine but Hanna is there to guide me and advise me on what we should be focusing on. I enjoy going to the gym and meeting with Hanna and her facility is well equipped. During the current “ Lockdown” situation I have continued with my weekly routine via  Zoom online and found it much better than I envisaged. Even to the point that in the future when I am running short of time, away on business or on holiday I will ask Hanna if we can do our session online. Regular exercise has become part of my life and I have defiantly made the right choice.
Phil Yardley
Hanna is a brilliant personal trainer. She has helped me a great deal over the past couple of years both physically and mentally. She’s guided me in sessions to build up my body strength and endurance. As a keen 10km runner this has really helped with my racing and my times have improved throughout this year! Hanna is a lovely person, kind and caring and very empowering! I always leave our sessions feeling great and really positive! I would recommend Hanna without any hesitation.
Gemma G
I started personal training sessions with Hanna in February, with the main aims being to improve my strength and fitness, and lose weight following the birth of my second child. The physical demands of 2 young children were affecting my back and I wanted to build up more strength to lessen the back pain, as well as build up my fitness again to keep up with their running around. In addition, I wanted professional guidance from evidence based  nutritionist to gently get back into shape following the pregnancy.

My weekly sessions with Hanna were always varied and provided a full body workout, combining cardio and strength training. I noticed an immediate improvement to my back pain and, combined with a few diet changes, the weight also started to come off quite quickly.
Hanna is a great motivator and an effortless instructor, able to design excellent training sessions which are different every time. The facilities in which the sessions take place are lovely, and all in all it was a great treat to have an hour or so out of busy family life to focus on my goals. Highly recommended!

Thank you for motivating me and gently easing me into my postnatal recovery - I never really enjoyed exercise before I met you, so thanks so much for showing me a pleasant way to be fit! I promise I’ll keep going!

Aside from the fitness I really enjoyed meeting you too, you are a gorgeous person!
When I first came to Hanna it’s fair to say my fitness level was below zero and I had absolutely no interest in exercise. However, with my wedding fast approaching it was time to attempt to get in shape. I attended my first group session thinking I would hate it and that I wouldn’t keep it up for very long. Fast forward 6 months with sessions twice a week and I’m singing a different tune! With her friendly approach and kind manner Hanna is exactly what I need in a PT. She’s there to explain each exercise clearly, offers encouragement when I struggle and always there to push me through at my hourly announcement that I am dying and can’t possibly go on anymore! For someone who rarely sticks to a plan for long enough to make it a habit I can’t thank Hanna enough for changing my outlook on exercise. I actually look forward to our sessions which is something I never thought possible and it is all down to Hanna. Jess

I've been training with Hanna for 6 months now and during that time I've lost 6kg weight, 6cm under chest, 10cm waist and  9cm bum. Being a typical pear shape I never thought I'd be able to loose so much off of my hips!  My training sessions with Hanna are also with two of my friends which definitely helps the motivation and (dare I say it) makes the sessions a lot of fun!  Hanna always comes up with new activities for our sessions so you never feel like you're doing the same thing twice.  I can't thank Hanna enough for getting me off the couch and into the gym! Selina 

I have been training with Hanna for 6 months now. I originally started as, after almost 20 years of having a desk job and doing very little exercise, I decided I wanted to improve my fitness levels and tone up. During the time i’ve been training with Hanna I feel a lot healthier, fitter and have also discovered I can push myself a lot harder than I ever thought I could. Having always dreaded the gym, I feel really comfortable working out with with Hanna in a great studio space & have surprised myself by actually being in a position where I now enjoy exercise. I always feel that the workouts have been tailored to push me as much as possible & so even thought I can accomplish so much more now, I’m always working as hard as I can each session. Since  I’ve been training with Hanna i’ve already seen a weight loss and have also seen a loss in measurements across my body which has been particularly satisfying. I would definitely recommend Hanna and the way she trains to anyone looking to improve their fitness levels and who wants to see results. Claire
Jess & Selina & Claire -Training together is Fun :)
I have always enjoyed running, classes and going to the gym but I was in a bit of a rut and I was not really feeling the effects of the exercise I was doing.  My weight had begun to creep up and I really wanted to tone up and learn how to use weights and equipment properly, so I started training with Hanna in May 2018.  I am not exaggerating when I say Hanna has changed my whole outlook to fitness and general wellbeing.  Hanna has helped me to become more toned all over (which I never thought I would be able to achieve), and in doing so she has helped me to feel more confident and much stronger.  Hanna is always positive and supportive, great fun to train with and she has designed a varied programme that keeps me on my toes!  The facilities and surroundings provide a great place to train, which definitely helps with motivation, and the privacy is also a welcome change from other training environments which can be quite intimidating.  Hanna is also extremely flexible around my work, and she always takes the time to send supportive and friendly messages which helps to keep me on track.  I can’t imagine my life without Hanna now J  Beginning: 15th May 2018 – weight: 62.8kg, underchest: 73cm, belly button: 82cm, hips: 93.5cm, bum: 101cm.  17th June 2018 – weight: 58.4kg, underchest: 71cm, belly button: 75.5cm, hips: 91.5cm, bum: 97.5cm.  13th November 2018 – weight: 56.8kg, underchest: 69cm, belly button: 72.5cm, hips: 90.5cm, bum: 95cm, 16th January 2019 – weight: 56.4kg, underchest: 68cm, belly button: 72.5cm, hips: 90cm, bum 95cm.  Total losses: 6.4kg weight, 5cm underchest, 9.5cm belly button, 3.5cm hips and 6cm bum.
My partner and I approached Hanna with some trepidation after deciding that we wanted to lose weight and build our general fitness levels. We were apprehensive about finding someone who would make the whole gym experience enjoyable.  We struck gold... We have now been attending joint and single sessions with Hanna for over 2 years and still look forward to each visit. She designs the sessions around whatever particular aches and pains we have at the time and mixes in a varied programme of cardio work and strength routines. The progress has surprised us; we now cope with the rigours of cycling holidays and skiing holidays with rediscovered enthusiasm, and where a walk up Summer Hill was once an achievement, we now barely bat an eyelid! Our body shapes have changed (hopefully improved!) and whilst weight hasn’t necessarily been falling off us, we take solace in the rumour that muscle weighs more than fat… and we receive many compliments from a number of friends on how well we look which is really encouraging :) But most importantly, we have great fun! The visits to the gym have become an essential part of our weekly routines and Hanna has become a good friend.  We highly recommend giving Hanna a try!
Ian & Julia
My husband and I were keen to start couple personal training sessions - and are so glad that we found Hanna! We had wanted to find a trainer that could work with both our individual needs, and be able to adapt further down the line in the hope I would become pregnant. Hanna also had the added challenge of dealing with my rheumatoid arthritis! Prior to falling pregnant, my aims were to lose some weight and gain fitness, while my husband wanted to get fitter and improve muscle tone. Both before I became pregnant and now during, our weekly sessions with Hanna have been fantastic. She has adapted our sessions as our fitness has improved, and kept exercises varied every week. She always has an alternative exercise for me if my arthritis is flaring up. Jonathan: Training with Hanna has significantly improved my overall fitness, strength and most of all my core strength, which has really helped with my weekly five-a-side performance. My goals per game has gone up and now I can keep sprinting right until the end of the game! It has also been a great way for us to spend time as a couple, with some healthy competition of course! On the occasions only one of us have been able to make it, she has reacted quickly and tailored sessions more to our individual needs. I look forward to continuing our sessions throughout my pregnancy and afterwards! We would highly recommend Hanna for individual and couples sessions. Thank you!
Kelsey & Jonathan
I cannot fault Hanna for her patience and diligence in getting me to exercise properly. Having never looked inside a gym for 20 years I was not willing to be confronted by a muscle bound trainer intimidating me into getting fit. I needed a trainer that understood what I wanted to achieve and that I needed to achieve a level of fitness within my boundaries not theirs. So I was not looking for overnight success. Hanna gets this. She pushes only to motivate, which avoids that feeling of not achieving, particularly when the exercise does not go according to plan. I have felt considerably better about myself over the last 6 months and intend to continue so long as Hanna can put up with my laughable efforts to look coordinated. Thank you H.
Stephen F
I’ve been training with Hanna for the last 6 weeks and can honestly say its been the most amazing journey. I initially decided to get a PT for mental health reasons and when I first met Hanna, she made me feel so comfortable and confident that I had made the right decision. Every session was something different which kept it interesting and its been the most amazing feeling to see myself progress and to have confidence in the fact that I’ve worked really hard with Hanna and I’ve never felt better about myself. Seeing my body change and knowing my fitness has vastly improved has just been an added bonus on top of the positive effects exercising has had on my mental health. I feel like a brand new woman and I’ve never felt stronger! Hanna has also helped me with my diet and her simple approach has made it so easy to make small changes that have had an amazing impact on the way I view a healthy lifestyle balance. I can’t thank Hanna enough for everything she has done for me over the last 6 weeks. She has honestly helped me regain so much in my life and I am filled with confidence that I can manage my mental health issues now with a real positive outlook. She is a wonderful person, an absolutely amazing personal trainer and I can’t wait to work with her again. Beginning: 22nd May 83.7 kilo Underchest: 90cm Belly button: 93.5cm Hips: 106m Bum: 112cm After: 5th July 78 kilos Underchest: 86cm Belly button: 90.5cm Hips: 103cm Bum: 99.5cm. Total losses: -5.7 kilos Underchest: -4cm Belly button: -3cm Hips: -3cm Bum:- 3.5cm = - 13.5cm
When I first came to see Hanna I had gained a lot of weight during pregnancy and was feeling pretty low. Hanna has been incredibly supportive and kind. She has made some simple but very effective suggestions to change my diet. Keeping a food diary has really helped me to become much more mindful of what I eat and I now make much better and healthier choices. I was quite nervous about exercising again and felt unsure of my body. The exercises pushed me physically but were managable and I actually ended up looking forward to sessions with Hanna! There's also a mixture of activities using different eqiupment so it's never dull. It gave me the confidence to start running again. In under four months I have seen amazing results going from 77kg to 69kg, dropping 8kg! My waist is down from 94 to 85.5cm! I can also feel a difference in my strength and energy levels. I noticed my resting heart rate has reduced by 15 bpm since I started training with Hanna. Thanks to Hanna's encouragement and positivity, I feel so much better about myself both mentally and physically. Without hesitation, I absolutely highly recommend Hanna.
I started seeing Hanna for personal training sessions following a serious back injury, where I had a prolapsed disc and experienced sciatica. I shared details of my injury with Hanna and we agreed to focus on mobilising and building core strength. Hanna has been incredibly perceptive to my needs in line with the injury, she has always made sure that the workout challenged me without being overly strenuous. If at any point I felt pain or discomfort, Hanna would adjust the exercise or we would move on to something better suited. Several months later, I have been able to return to work, I'm building my core strength, noticing that my body is becoming more toned and my general fitness level has improved and I also received a few complements from my colleagues and friend! This would not have been possible without Hanna's support. She makes training enjoyable, and I value having her expertise in ensuring I am exercising safely and appropriately.
I trained with Hanna for a few months in 2017.   I described myself as unfit, someone who never does any exercise, though recently I had got a dog and had started walking a bit.   Needless to say I was nervous about a whole hour of exercise, and having watched programmes where the fitness trainer barked orders, I was worried about what I'd let myself in for. Firstly, Hanna is very personable and lovely person to spend time with.   She pushed me way further than I ever thought possible, I simply didn't believe I had it in me.  When describing a session to someone else I would say, if I was on my own I would do 1/3rd of what Hanna gets me to do, and think I'd done an amazing job. She knew what I was capable of doing, much more than I did.  She blows away the limits you put on yourself. She was professional,  knowledgable and aware of my scoliosis, and ensured my back wasn't under any strain.  Each week the session varied which made it more interesting. I always felt amazing after a session, both mentally and physically and there is no doubt she has helped to become a much fitter person than I was before.   The feeling of elation and pride after a session is wonderful for ones mental health. The gym itself is a lovely private gym. I have no hesitation in thoroughly recommending Hanna.
Capture I worked with Hanna for 12 weeks on the run up to my wedding.  Whilst already being fairly fit and a keen runner, I wanted to tone up to look the best I could in my wedding dress.  Hanna understood exactly what I wanted and how she could help me. She reviewed my diet and changed it subtly but effectively to help me achieve the best results.  I lost few cm around my waist and hips and I look much more toned. In order to achieve the best results Hanna combined weight training with circuit based exercises, something I had always been too intimidated to do before. I've learned a new range of exercises that I now always do in combination with my running.  Hanna was knowledgeable and personal and took a real interest in what I wanted to achieve and why.  I got lots of complement on my Wedding Day! I can't thank her enough!
Sophie Kiley
Petts Wood
I've been training with Hanna for four months now. I was not only looking to get fit again, but really work on a good and lean all round body shape. Hanna's sessions are not only challenging, but really work the areas you are looking to improve on. I was 13st 4lbs when I started sessions and in just twelve weeks Hanna helped me lose 1st 4lbs to hit my target of 12st. This included cardio, circuits and resistance/weight training. Hanna's way of training is not only incredibly varied but is also great fun. My favourite sessions are circuit and weight sessions. I actually first contacted Hanna as I was looking to change my career and become a fire fighter. That view has now changed as training with Hanna has actually inspired me to become a Personal Trainer myself. Hanna's approach to her work is highly professional, she has a huge amount of knowledge and is a genuinely brilliant trainer. I now look forward to starting my PT course in January 2017. Thanks for the inspiration Hanna!
Gary Bowman
I am no stranger to the gym, however, when I found out I was pregnant in February 2016 with my first baby, I thought I could use a little help with my training to ensure I was doing it right and safely. This is when I found Hanna and her Pre natal training services. This was the best decision I could have made for the health of myself and my baby during my pregnancy. Not only did Hannas expertise keep my mind at ease knowing that I was training safely but it also kept me feeling fit and strong throughout my entire pregnancy! I am now 40 weeks and am expecting baby any day but am feeling confident that with Hannas help I have done everything possible to prepare myself for the challenge of labour ahead. I would highly recommend Hannas services to anyone and can't wait to start my post natal training with Hanna again in the next couple of months.
Thank you Hanna!
Petts Wood
madie I had the pleasure of training with Hanna for a few months in 2015 and am grateful for everything that she taught me. Before meeting Hanna I was no stranger to the gym but never felt truly worked out or saw the change in my body that I wanted to. Hanna listened and ensured that the hours that I spent with her were challenging but also educated me a tremendous amount about my own body and what I needed to be doing in order to achieve my goals. I suffer with lower back pain but through training with Hanna I have been able to strengthen this area, she was caring and tailored certain exercises when I was unable to do them due to discomfort. Although I am not training with Hanna at the moment I still use various exercises programs that she did with me in my training and know the levels in which I have to push myself to make that change. Hanna is one of the kindest people that I have ever had the pleasure of meeting and if you’re serious about making a great change to your life Hanna has all the knowledge and understanding to help get you there. Thank you, Hanna!!! xx
I started training with Hanna in summer 2015, I’ve always struggled with flexibility due to sitting at a desk all day at work and although I play lots of golf I didn’t really do any proper exercise. Over the years I’ve had several gym memberships but always ended up finding an excuse not to go and paying for something that I wasn’t using. Knowing that I have an training session booked with Hanna has helped give me the motivation to train each week and I’ve really noticed a difference in not just my physique but also my energy levels. The training sessions are always enjoyable and challenging, I come away from each one feeling that I’m pushing myself and achieving results.  Hanna has also helped me review what I eat which has always been limited due to me having Coeliac Disease. The Nutritional advice she’s given me has helped my diet improve which has had a positive effect on my lifestyle. My flexibility & fitness level have improved massively since working with Hanna which has helped to improve my golf game and I also have started to play tennis! I enjoy my new, healthy lifestyle!
I am not a natural gym babe and as a  woman going through the gruesome change this has been made so much easier by my weekly PT session with Hanna. Her commitment to and belief in her personal training role has been an inspiration, fantastically motivating and has kept me on track in the last three years. The tailor made training has enabled me to improve the constant body pain and fatigue I was suffering and has developed my resilience when exercising. Hanna's open and friendly manner has enabled me to make excellent progress developing a positive mind set and my fitness and body strength has improved significantly so  I am now pain free! Thank you Hanna.
Mandy (Wonky donkey)
Awesome!!  If you want to work hard and be part of a team effort, then Hanna is the one to see! On your side and will help you reach your goals.
Trudy Alton
I have severe back problems that's been brought on by inflammation in my Coccyx. I have seen several phisio therapists and nothing seemed to help. After seeing a back specialist I was told to start exercising and that's how I met Hanna. Since I started working out with her, my back pain has reduced significantly! Hanna listened attentively to what my problems were and spent many hours researching specific exercises to strengthen my back. With her support, we started very slowly and my pain gradually reduced as my fitness and strength Improved! I will definitely recommend Hanna as a personal trainer to anyone who needs support whether it is to get fit or to improve your overall wellbeing!
“Hanna has given me the encouragement and motivation I needed to get back into a fitness routine that works for me. I can now genuinely say I look forward to going to the gym and to my sessions with Hanna. As a result I feel heathier and fitter which has given me more energy for all aspects of my life.”
I booked an initial ten session course with Hanna to increase core muscle strength safely. During a thorough initial evaluation, Hanna assessed what I was and wasn’t able to do and which types of exercises I was comfortable with. Her gentle encouragement has ensured that I have improved beyond recognition, and the initial 10 sessions have made way for ongoing, regular training sessions. Hanna sets realistic goals, but at the same time ensures that you extend yourself. The private gym environment means no waiting for equipment, or jostling for space and a relaxed atmosphere. If you are looking to tone up and get fit then see Hanna, she’s fantastic!
I look forward to my PT sessions with Hanna, because I know she will help me work out harder and more productively than I would have done on my own! Training with Hanna has helped me lose weight and tone up, we have fun and each session is varied and challenging. I had been going to the gym for years without much improvement to my fitness, but with Hannah’s enthusiasm and expert guidance I feel stronger, Fitter and more confident about my body.
I have been training now with Hanna for about a year. I can honestly say that the sessions have been fun, varied and challenging. I would say that in particular my overall balance and core stability has improved tremendously – and this has also helped me to become better at playing tennis. Hanna is very knowledgeable and focused and can tailor a specific workout programme to  help achieve specific goals and objectives. I would not hesitate to recommend Hanna to anybody wishing to take their exercise regime seriously.
I have been having personal training sessions with Hanna since February 2011, the difference in my shape and fitness levels have been improved dramatically to the point that people have actually commented. Hanna is a professional and reliable coach, she always has a circuit/training session devised, is always on time and ready to push her clients to their ultimate goal.  The training sessions can be tough at times but she is always ready to support and motivate.  If you are planning to book personal training sessions with Hanna, as long as you are prepared to work hard you will definitely feel the benefits and be delighted with the results.